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At a very young age, Bertrand Tropez BACHELET loved to spend endless days tinkering with his grandfather. Steeped in aromas of terebenthine and wood essences, in the middle of an organized chaos of abandoned objects, anything was allowed. It was the start of an alchemy between recycling and creativity. A bolt would become a head, a circular piece of metal would become the body… Every object would thus gain a second life…
His first pieces were mainly constructed from copper, bronze and brass in various shapes, offering a vast choice of possibilities for his creations.


His first creation, the plumber, was built at age 14 as a birthday present for his mother. With later works of art he discovered a growing hobby. Then came the locomotive, the centurion, the dancers, the knight…
He met other passionate artists such as Denise LEPETIT, Colette CEDELLE, Franck LARATORE with whom he started to exhibit his works of art for the first time during shows (Saint Tropez 1993).
He kept on working and crafting still using salvaged components, always extending the life of these materials. Everything was an opportunity for transformation. Today, he twists glass and bends light, favouring everyday decorative objects, like lamps.
He recovers and uses any piece of glass he can find, shapes it, bends it, beautifies it and finally integrates it into his original compositions, totally made of recycled objects of every sort.